Our Methods

VLM Cleaning

Very Low Moisture Cleaning (VLM) gets carpets cleaner and drier in record times. This cleaning method has been commonly used  on carpets with a lower pile such as commercial grade glue down carpet for years. Thanks to advancements in the technology of cleaning agents in the last few years this method is now just as commonly used for residential carpet. VLM uses far less moisture than traditional steam cleaning and consists of a special encapsulation cleaning agent that pulls dirt away from carpet fibers and keeps them suspended until they can be extracted with a bonnet pad (while still wet) or a vacuum (after drying). There is far less of a chance of reoccurring spots known as "wicking" and this method of cleaning greatly reduces the drying process and carpets are typically dry in less than an hour and look absolutely amazing. 


HWE Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) is the most common method of cleaning for residential carpets and can be highly effective when done right. In the case of extreme pet urine problems, steam cleaning is the most appropriate method of cleaning. When done wrong however, traditional steam cleaning can actually create problems. There are many factors to be taken into account. If the pressure is set too high, surface dirt can be pushed further into the carpet's backing and padding. If the vacuum is set too low far less water will be recovered than deposited into the carpet. Too much water left in the carpet after cleaning is a common problem with inexperienced cleaners or use of improper equipment which can often increase the drying time to as much as 10-12 hours in some cases. This leads to a higher risk of reoccurring brown spots or "wicking" and in extreme cases can even lead to the growth of mildew within the carpet padding. It's very important that this method is done properly. Not all steam cleaning is equal!